Saturday 31 December 2011

Plastic by Tomaas

I absolutely love these photos by photographer Tomaas. And if you are looking for some inspiration for tonight's parties you can see that plastic straws and forks make a great party hat!
I wish you all Happy New Year 2012!!!

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Family on holiday

We are on holiday this week and I must say this holiday is needed. This cardboard family by illustrator Sanna Pelliccioni is my only new Christmas decoration for this year since it's not really meant for Christmas only. It is sold as a card in Papershop and can be cut out so that it stands on a table.

Friday 23 December 2011

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Some light

It's officially the darkest time of the year in Helsinki and now it's even darker than usual since there is no snow. I'm glad it's all towards spring from now on. However, to bring some light into the darkness, I have to post this great crocheted lamp by London based designer Naomi Paul. The lamp comes in several shapes and colours.

Sunday 18 December 2011

Dottir & Sonur

Dottir &Sonur is a Berlin based company behind this cute Origami design and lamp. Their origami bird flies in wallpaper, posters and cushions. I could easily see that wallpaper in children's room. Products can be ordered directly from the designers.

Photos by Dottir & Sonur.

Saturday 17 December 2011

Deck of cards by Tim Burton

One of my favourite movie directors, Tim Burton has sketched some crazy creatures and they are now kings and queens in a deck of cards.  Available at Amazon.

Thursday 15 December 2011

Neon by Blandine Bardeau

I'll continue with a jewellery post: Here are some bright neon colours for the dark winter season. These colourful and funky necklaces are by fashion and jewellery designer Blandine Bardeau and they could be on my wishlist anytime.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Necklace workshop

I have a small necklace workshop on my couch and I'm testing different things. Here is my test with crocheted beads. I used wooden beads and crocheted around them. Quick and easy!

Sunday 11 December 2011

Little people in the city

Have you seen these yet? These intriguing photos with miniature people among the ordinary objects are part of an ongoing art project by anonymous artist called Slinkachu from the UK.  I recently bought a book about this project called Little people in the city: The street art of Slinkachu. The book is available in Amazon web shops.

Friday 9 December 2011

Art of gift wrapping

I absolutely adore these! I found these wrapping papers by Australian born illustrator Megan Herbert when I went to see the exhibition on Icelandic Contemporary Design in Design Forum. Megan currently lives in Iceland and works there in various art  projects.

These wrapping papers are sold at the Icelandic shop-in-shop in Design Forum, so hurry if you want to get one for yourself. They can also be ordered from Megan's website. I bought the top two and they may end up on my wall as art because they are so beautiful. And so are the packages!

Photos by Marino Thorlacius.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

The red season

Traditional red hasn't been my choice of colour very often in the past few years, but now it's starting to look appealing again. And since Christmas is getting closer, here is a small group of red items that I like. Soft toys are by PaaPii (1), cute red dress from La Casita de Wendy (2), cushion from Nestables (3) and tray and felt slippers by Pia Wallen (4,5). It's time for some red!

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Tuesday project

Today's Independence Day was a fun day this year, because the extra holiday was on a regular Tuesday. Just a perfect day to relax. All I did was to finish this round crochet cushion.

Chair hangers

Often simple ideas are the best. This great idea of old chair backs as hangers comes from Italian Antonello Fusè. Simply lovable! 

Thursday 1 December 2011

Shopping and flipbooks

Napa Gallery & shop is one of my favourite places in Helsinki. If you haven't been there yet, pay a visit. Napa is both a gallery and a tiny shop, featuring young artists, graphic design and great selection of books you can't get anywhere else. Currently there is an exhibition of flipbooks. It presents all the entries of fourth international Napa flipbook contest. In December Napa is open every day for Christmas shopping. Maybe now it's time to go buy that Sissi braid necklace by Katri Inkeri...

Napa Gallery & shop, Eerikinkatu 18, Helsinki