Friday 7 October 2011


Me and the kids made soft amulets with white cotton fabric and textile markers. Once again fun and very simple: Just cut two round pieces from white fabric, draw on one side and iron the drawing. Then stitch front and back pieces together with right sides facing in. Leave a small opening for filling. Turn the work right side out, fill and close the opening with stitches. You can add a piece of string to complete the necklace.
Happy face for a good day, scary one for scaring off the bad mood...
Have a good weekend!


  1. Aivan mielettömän ihania! Tätä meidänkin on pakko kokeilla! Pelastaa viikonlopun kun pitää kökkiä sairastelevien lasten kanssa sisällä... Kiitos!

  2. Kiva jos inspiroiduit. Ja pikaista paranemista!

  3. These are really sweet and would make such a great gift! I have featured them on The Crafty Crow!