Sunday 18 September 2011

Magnets and jewellery

Sewing thread used to be rolled on these beautiful reels. Too bad they are now mostly made out of plastic. I was lucky to find these old wooden beauties in a fleamarket and made a necklace and some magnets out of them. Both are very simple to do. You can get round magnets from the stores selling craft supplies and for the necklace you only need a strong string.
So, keep your eyes open when visiting a fleamarket...


  1. What a nice idea! Necklace looks so lovely :)

  2. Lucky you - lucky me... :) I found and bought some years ago a big plastic bag full of those wooden reels for 20€. They are natural, black, yellow or red. I have dreamed about wooden curtains but I still need something (more than 200 pieces) between reels to lenght the curtain. Any ideas, cheap ones?